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Seattle, WA

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Best Price

We offer the best price in market place.

Rent First, Buy Later

We provide rent first & buy after program. You could deducted your expense from RV sales Price within 30 days rental.

RV Loan

RV Loan Provider: light stream, Southeast Financial, Mountain America, BECU

Business Executive Membership

Benefit: 5 years parking, commercial insurance and rental management; Receive $7,200 income annual for 5 year. Free access to Rvs for 4-8 weeks

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Business Executive Membership

1. Membership Plan

ViaRV provides dealer price to Member for purchasing RV. Member agree ViaRV to manage his RV for rental and get many benefits for membership plan.

2. Free Cost

Our company take care 5 years parking, commercial insurance, management and maintenance, which totally cost $6,800 every year, and $34,000 for 5years.

3. Investment return

Within 5 years, receive up to $15,000 investment return every year from us.

4. Free to Use

Up to 2 weeks per year free to use your RV, Making your investment-life balance!

5. Guaranteed

ViaRV guaranteed that we will help you sale the RV or buy back with no less than $24,000 after 5years.

You could get many benefits from our membership!

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About Us

ViaRV LLC was initiated in early 2012 with the mission to help RV owners share out their RVs while they do not use them, and as well to make RV travel more accessible to families. We strive to provide high quality tools to ensure RV sharing and booking as easy as possible.

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Seattle WA, Los Angeles CA


RV Sales

Lowest than the market price in US


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RV Consignment, RV Management

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We offer 20% Special Rental Discount for employee of Our Partners


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a special driver's license to drive a motorhome?

No. No special license is required and we are happy to provide a test-drive which will be accompanied by our technical support staff. We want you to feel safe and comfortable on the road. Our team can help you to understand the way RV works and cope with any questions you may have.
And there are some video guidance you may see before test-drive.

How much does it cost to rent a motor home?

The rate will depend upon the number of nights and type of RV. Other factors such as mileage, generator use etc., will affect the overall price. Please visit our website or contact us at +1 (425)954-6018

Can I bring my pet while traveling with RV?

Pets allowed only on RV No.9. If you want to bring your pets please check the availability in advance.

Can I smoking in rental motor homes?

No. We do not allow smoking in any of our vehicles. Also, campfires should be set in a reasonable distance from RV at all times. Due to the RV carry a propane tank and may cause danger. Also smoke will damage the interior decoration. Please be careful when open flames are near the RV.

What is the capacity of a motor home?

The compact motor home can hold a family up to 3, the standard motor home can hold a family up to 5, and the large can hold a family up to 7 maximum for traveling. The number of people that can travel safely in a motor home will depend on the seat belts installed. Passengers should be seat belted at all times while the RV is in motion. Most RVs have seat belts equal to the sleeping capacity.

Is travel to Canada or Mexico allowed?

We permit RV rental guests to travel into Canada; however, we do not allow travel into Mexico.

What is the minimum age for a driver renting an RV?

You must be 25 years of age with a valid driver's license and a major credit card in the same name as the Renter.

Do I have to buy special insurance to rent a motor home?

Our rental policy will include a commercial insurance, additional SLI(Supplemental Liability Insurance $25/day)can also be added to your coverage.  

What can I expect in fuel efficiency?

Keep in mind that a motor home is much heavier than a passenger vehicle; mileage is typically 8-10 miles per gallon.  

How do I make a reservation?

You may Make a reservation online


Can I return it after I received the order?

ViaRV offer free return policy within 30 days purchase, the days of your RV use will count as a Rental charge and will be deducted from your payment refund.

I do not live in Washington State, can you delivery the RV to my house address?

Viarv provide the free delivery if you live in Washington State. If you live out of state and require a delivery, we will charge $2000 delivery fee for shipment. Or, if you would like to flying to WA and drive back to home by yourself, then we will reimburse your flight cost to a maximum $2000.

Do I have to pay a full payment amount to make a purchase?

ViaRV only require a $1000 Deposit for a purchase, then you pay the rest of sale price after when you received your order.

What kind of Insurance I should buy to protect the new RV?

We will assist you to find insurance information with different options to protect your RV.

If there is any mechanic issue with the RV, where I can take to fix? What is the warranty policy?

The manufacture provide a standard warranty.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at 425-954-6018 for more information.